The first step for keeping your life, and business, in check in the digital age is to keep an eye on where all your assets are at all times.

Your Keys

What is it about keys? You probably leave them in almost the same place everyday, yet by morning they’ve vanished to some mystery location.

Chipola is a brand new app for iphones and Android devices that works with bluetooth to track your bits and pieces.


StickNFind, like Chipola is small enough to hide, and can be stuck onto surfaces of attached with a keyring. Not only does this little device keep track of your belongings, it also buzzes when you get too far away from it.


Wallet TrackR is small enough to slip into a wallet or purse, and has a battery that lasts up to two years – that should leave you with enough time to find your belongings.


Find My iPhone will help you track any iphone, ipad or Mac. Just type in your Apple ID, and let the device to the rest. Never let your phone, or your husband, out of your sight again.

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Your Assets

Assettrac is great for keeping track of just about any asset – from school books to ipads and company equipment, you’ll be able to keep an eye on exactly where things are at all times.


GPS Track It is what you need if you have a fleet of drivers to keep an eye on. Their software monitors vehicle speeds, driver routes, deliveries, and it will save you time. Imagine being able to do your job without having to worry about where the rest of your team is, or how far along they are with their work.