I truly believe that it is only once you’ve organized your company that you can even think about starting to grow it.

With the apps and software shared here, you’ll have a full view of your company and all your assets in no time, leaving you to continue with what you do best – your job.

Deciding to track smaller assets is simple, but when it comes to something as big as tracking a full fleet, you may need a little more convincing, be it for you or for your board of directors.

Here are a few of the benefits of using GPS tracking and GPS management software:

Driver Accountability

The age old excuse of ‘I didn’t know’ doesn’t apply anymore. With alerts for speeding, traffic notifications and best route offerings, GPS tracking keeps both you and the driver in the know at all times.

Money, Money, Money – saved!

By knowing where they’re going, your drivers will be able to cut down on mileage, fuel and therefore, money. You’ll also be able to optimize routes, and combine deliveries and sales pitches by mapping them out before your fleet leaves for the day. This cuts out repeat trips to the same areas, saving the one thing that is more valuable than money in business – time.



You’ll be able to analyze your data whenever (and wherever), making it easy to see where you’re losing time and money. This visual return on investment review will help you optimize your business and operational strategies to include more of the things that make you cold, hard cash.

Convinced? Great! Head over here to find a system to suit your needs.