Welcome to Find It, Monroe. A website to help you find, and organize your things in the digital age.

Along with the change of just about everything analogue or manual into something digital, has come a whole lot of confusion.

Confusion about where to find things on the internet, where to find things on a computer, even what actually constitutes as a desktop computer.

Then there’s the age old question of ‘where did I leave my keys’ which, of course, often evolves into where did I leave my car.

And that was just in the beginning. Now we’re so far gone that it’s as if things don’t exist if we can’t constantly monitor them on our smartphones – our social lives, for example.


In the business world success often comes down to knowing where your assets, staff and equipment are at any given time so that you can plan the rest of your business around them, and keep them occupied. After all, you need busy hands on deck at all times, don’t you.

You’ve probably been told to ‘streamline’, ‘optimize’ and and ‘prioritize’ a million times in your career, but without having a full view of your company and assets these supposedly crucial steps to success would be worthless.

Whichever way you look at things, you’ll want to remember why you’re here – Monroe has a skill for finding things, so thought he’d share it with the world.

First things first – let’s look at a few tools to help keep your business in order.